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The goal of the collaborative divorce process is to maintain a respectful relationship with immediate and extended family with the focus on cooperation, not conflict.


The collaborative process takes place in private meetings of the parties and their counsel. Information and outcomes may remain private, not exposed in any court proceeding or public record.


Through the collaborative process, parties maintain control of their outcomes and meeting schedules without relying on the court system. All decisions in the process are made by the parties.

Susan offers a free 30 minute consultation to discuss options to resolve issues surrounding your divorce.


About Susan

Susan has maintained a private practice in Pittsburgh since 1994. Much of her practice now focuses on the Collaborative Divorce Process. She has successfully used the process to assist clients in negotiating custody, support and divorce issues. Susan is a trained mediator, and has experience mediating family law disputes. Susan is a founding member of Gateway to Collaboration, a small group of professionals whose independent practices offer Collaborative Divorce services.

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Susan’s office is located in Fox Chapel at 1386 Old Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.

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Collaborative Divorce

Find out how the collaborative process may help you through this difficult period. Susan offers a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your options.

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